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Enhance Your

Natural Beauty

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Offering a variety of services for your
Beauty needs. 


My Portfolio

My Portfolio

Services & Rates

Makeup Application


Starting Rate

Travel MUA Application


Rates may vary due to mileage

1 ON 1 Application Lesson


90 mins



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Lash Extensions

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Full Set - Classic, Hybrid and Volume


Lasts 4 to 6 Weeks

Refill Lashes


No more than 3 weeks from
the time of full set.

Lash Cleaning


If lashes need cleaning it is
an additional $25.


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Tint & Shaping


Wax Eyebrows or Tweezed Eyebrows


*Important: Brow tint will leave a slight stain on the skin for up to 1 week. Tint will stain the brow hairs for 3 to 4 weeks.

Brow Lamination


Brow Lamination procedure focuses on creating shiny, smooth brows for anyone with thinning and unruly brows.
This can last up to 4 to 6 week.


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Mini Beauty Facial


 Includes cleansing, exfoliation,  
application of mask, toner & moisturizer.

Great to do before makeup application

Chemical Peel Facial


Reduces fine lines, wrinkles,
scars, acne, uneven tone & other imperfections.

Note peeling of the skin usually lasts 3 to 5 days, depending on the actual peel treatment.

Micro Dermabrasion Facial


Amazing treatment for fine lines,
wrinkles, sun spots, & rough
texture. Immediate results.

Facial Consultaion


Needed and highly recommended
to determine your basic skin type
& concerns.

Derma Planning Facial


Reduces facial hair & dead
skin cells. Skin is visibly brighter
after 1st treatment. Boosts skin regeneration.

Good for sensitive skin.

 Disclaimer: This is just an overview of Soraya Whitten Beauty Lab services with more to come. Prices are subject to change.

Lash Extensions
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